Who to Call for Repairs for Rental Properties

Are you handy? Even if you are, you probably don’t have a lot of time left over after your workday to tend to all the necessary repairs for your rental properties. Save time and money by trusting a property management company to handle this job for you.

As a property owner, you have a lot to deal with. One of the most pressing jobs is repairs. When one of your units has a water leak or a broken air conditioning unit, repairs can’t wait. You need a qualified service person onsite quickly.

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Should You Do Your Own Repairs for Rental Properties?

You may have the skills to do the repair yourself, but do you have the time? The demands of your day job may be too great to allow you to skip out and attend to other matters.

Additionally, if you don’t do repairs frequently, it will probably take you longer to do the job than it would a repairman. Counting the lost time from work and the hassle, you might not save any money. If you’re unable to fix the problem, you’ll lose money.

You can call a repair person, the same as you would for your own home. But you know how that frequently turns out — you spend all day waiting for them and they don’t come. Or they tell you they are busy and can’t make it for a few days.

Waiting hours or days is a major inconvenience, and you might end up taking a hit to your reputation as a landlord. You need a squad of reliable servicepeople who will respond when the situation is urgent. But it takes time to build these relationships.

SLC Properties Handles Repairs for Rental Properties

That’s why you should depend on SLC Properties for all your repairs for rental properties. We have been in the business of property management for years, and we know all the local service companies. We work with the most reliable providers with the best prices. Then we pass the savings and convenience on to you.

With plumbers in Salt Lake City costing $70-$80 an hour and electricians at $80-$90 an hour, you’re going to want the best deal you can get.

But as any car or homeowner knows, regular and proper maintenance is the key to keeping repair bills low and emergencies infrequent.

Maintenance and Repair Services

SLC Properties can provide you with a regular maintenance person or crew to help with the upkeep of your rental property. Whether you own a 200-unit apartment building or a single house that you rent out, we can help. You can opt for regular, on-call or emergency-only service. And we don’t tack on a premium — you pay only the charges for the service.

Save time and money by depending on SLC Properties for all your property management needs. You only need to make one call for repairs to rental properties — to SLC Properties.