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Helping You Find Quality Tenants for Your Rental Property

When it comes to finding tenants for a rental property, some property owners focus exclusively on accepting renters for the sole purpose of filling up vacant units and making money quickly. Failure to screen tenants properly, however, places landlords in a situation where a possible criminal could move into the building and endanger the lives of the property owner and neighbors. The renter may also disappear suddenly without paying rent or steal valuables from the property.

Landlords looking to avoid these situations can count on SLC Properties Sales & Investments. We provide tenant screening to Salt Lake City residential and commercial property owners. Our team goes beyond searching for and bringing in tenants. We make sure that the individuals who will live on your property are quality tenants.

Qualifying a Tenant

Before an individual can rent your property, they must meet specific qualifying standards — legal standards that relate directly to the person’s ability to adhere to the lease agreement terms and pay the rent. A few examples include:

  • Credit check – This helps determine a tenant’s ability to pay the rent on schedule.
  • Income verification – A tenant must have a verifiable income source to meet the monthly rent payments.
  • Valid ID – An individual should be able to present a government-issued photo identification card, such as a driver’s license, to prove that they are who they claim to be on the application.

The Tenant Screening Process

Once we receive applications from prospective renters, we run a thorough tenant screening to weed out unqualified tenants and retain renters who will look after your rental property. We check applicants’ criminal records, credit standing, pay stubs and whether they have ever been evicted. Minimizing your liability and increasing your likelihood of success is our goal.

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“In a hard rental market, M&M found qualified renters at the price I requested. She has been available for the renters, should any emergency arise.”

– V. Williams

“Mike and Marie are highly motivated and work well with others. Since I reside out of state, it is very important that I can rely on them to handle my needs.”

– R. Kaler

“After having looked for a property management company, M&M Properties SLC, upon short notice, was able to help me with specific needs for my properties.”

– B. Waldrup

“Mike and Marie are great communicators and knows how to resolve common living issues and problems. They have always gone the extra mile and is very self motivated.”

– W.Gray

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