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Management That Gives You Peace of Mind

We Will Find a Good Qualifed Renter

  • Advertise in numerous and relevant web locations
  • Provide current statistics and analysis on the property
  • Show your property with professional licensed realtors to potential renters
  • Investigate potential renters with a full credit report, background check, and employment check

We Will Maintain Your Property Value

  • Record video footage of each move-in and move-out to protect your investment
  • Move in and move outs done by M&M property owners
  • Monthly reports keep tabs on your property
  • Multiple exterior inspections  and bi-annual interior inspections conducted
  • Maintenance Service and Emergency Response on call 24/7
  • When necessary, we evict free of charges to you, enforced by a licensed attorney*
  • Pay for damages renter caused*

We Will Take Care of the Paperwork

  • Process all paperwork, documents, and office services
  • Give a “Welcome Home” packet to each new renter that discusses your property’s specific information
  • Use a careful and comprehensive lease agreement and addendum
  • Provide a Year End Statement for your CPA
  • Manage all billing as needed by you

You Have no Reason to  Worry

  • Pay a 1/3 additional deposit amount up to $1000 for damages incurred by a bad renter*
  • Respond to management needs 24/7
  • Transport out-of-state owners from the airport. Or if you would prefer, we will cover your rental car usage.*

We Won’t Charge Extra Fees*

  • No mark up on repairs
  • No management charges until the lease is signed
  • No Re-lease fee on an existing renter
  • Included in the Certified Good Landlord Program, which will save you money each year in state fees
  • Require ½ month’s rent when the lease is signed

*May be limitations and restrictions

It's time to experience a truly professional company. Our goal is to exceed all expectations!

Already Part of Our Team?

You can contact us anytime for updates about your property. You can also keep tabs on your property through the site under the “Locations” page. If you have a specific question, please contact us directly! We are grateful to be partnered with you in your investment. Our partnership is what creates the synergy that makes investment property management and maintenance so successful. We provide monthly statements where you can review your properties. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to assist you.



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I have a long relationship with M&M properties. I was probably one of their first clients. Over the years I built complete trust in M&M. I don’t need to worry about finding good renters, collecting rent, doing maintenance, etc.  I know my properties are well taken care of. All this for a very reasonable management fee! In fact, now I am saving money and time by getting better quality renters. I am not stuck with huge repairs, needing to take someone to court to collect money, or dealing with move-ins and outs.  Now I can focus on other things to make money. M&M properties is not just assisting with property management, but also providing me with business advice and analysis on future purchases & sales and assisting with transactions.  As with any business relationship, issues come up, but they are always addressed to mutual satisfaction. I would highly recommend M&M properties.


“I have peace of mind that my property is always in great condition. They are meticulous about property cleanliness. Every time a new tenant moves out, the property needs to meet their rigorous standards. Thanks Marie, I hope to do business with you again in the future!”

– T. Merrill

“Mike would never over-charge for anything. As an owner, this is wonderful. I take pride in my home not looking like a rental. Marie has always found good tenants that are gainfully employed and always pay on time.”

– L. Otto

“I have only heard good things about M&M.  There are lots of property management companies to chose from. I worked with several but don't take any chances and go with the best. Rest assured, your property will be well taken care of and your investment will be hassle free. I highly recommend M&M!”

– Secure Retirement Planning

“There isn't any other company that I would pick over M&M Properties. The way that Marie and Mike handle things is very professional, they would never do anything that would be considered unfair. Everything this company does is 100% honest and by the book.”

– R. Day

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