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Top Property Management Service Provider in Salt Lake City

You don’t need to look far for a company that provides reliable property management services in Salt Lake City. Turn to SLC Properties Sales & Investments when you need help finding good tenants, maintaining your rental properties’ real estate value and processing rental-related paperwork. We offer unmatched management service by personalizing your property rental experience. Count on us to deliver exceptional services, more choices and expert assistance at no extra cost.

The SLC Properties Sales & Investments Difference

What makes our property management company in Salt Lake City a cut above our competitors? We offer:

  • Expert assistance – We answer your property management-related inquiries promptly.
  • Advanced technologies – We use the latest technology to manage every detail regarding your properties. Electronic documents, online portal access and videos that capture each move-out and move-in are just a few of the technologies we use.
  • Reliable property maintenance – Whether you need minor repairs or want monthly maintenance, you can depend on us to take good care of your property.
  • No extra fees – Enjoy zero markups on repairs, no re-lease fees on existing partners, and no management charges until the lease has been signed.

Great Additional Offers for Our Clients

Our clients also get the following:

  • Flat management fee – Our flat fee of $40 covers all the basics of property management, including but not limited to tenant screening, emergency maintenance, online portal access and eviction processing.
  • Free home warranty – Our first-ever home warranty protects your rental property, which is your most important investment. Enjoy protection and peace of mind at no extra cost.
  • One-year free management – We offer 12 months of free management to long-term investors. And unlike other Salt Lake City-based property management firms, our offer doesn’t come with a catch or hidden fees.

What Our Clients Say

Don’t simply take our word for it. Check out what our clients have to say about our company, offers and services:


I’m happy that SLC Properties Sales & Investments quickly responds to both my maintenance and personal requests.

– D. Empey

Mike and Marie work well with others and are highly motivated. It’s crucial that I can count on them to take care of my needs.

– R. Kaler

SLC Properties Sales & Investments, upon short notice, was able to assist me on specific concerns for my properties.

– B. Waldrup

You guys really do a fantastic job of taking the difficult parts out of being a property owner.

– T. Brammer

I love working with you guys. Wouldn’t go anywhere else.

– J. Dupuis

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SLC Properties Sales & Investment

231 East 2100 South, Suite 203

Salt Lake City, UT 84105


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Commitment: Service and Integrity

Homeowners, enjoy the perks of increased income by renting your home without hassle. Renters, find the perfect place to live!


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Perks & Promises

  • Superior service at no additional cost
  • Advanced tools, systems, software, & technologies
  • Yearly property inspection
  • Upgrades and repairs provided as needed
  • Personalized selection of management features
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Renters: Your Next Adventure

Let us find the perfect place for you to call home—even if it is temporary and on a limited budget.