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Reliable Residential Property Management
in Salt Lake City

Those looking to rent out their properties to tenants can benefit from working with an expert in property management. Hiring a property specialist offers a range of benefits, including better screening for tenants, better maintenance and fewer vacancies. If you’re looking for a company that offers excellent rental property management in Salt Lake City, turn to SLC Properties Sales & Investments. We are dynamic, distinguished and respected in the management industry.

Superior Property Management Service

We guarantee professional expertise in managing rental properties. When it comes to our services, you can expect our team of professionals to:

  • Collect rent – We perform rent collection on your behalf. We also make paying rent convenient and easy for your tenants by offering several payment options. When it comes to late payments, we strictly enforce a zero tolerance policy. If a tenant pays late, they will find out quickly that on-time payments are much more cost-effective.
  • Maintain property – We have insured and licensed contractors who have the skills and experience to maintain your rental property. We also provide 24-hour emergency maintenance.
  • Inspect property – We conduct various forms of rental property inspections, including vacancy, tenant move-out/move-in and tenant-occupied inspections. When we perform these tasks, we look for broken fixtures, check furnace filters, look for signs of potential water damage, document the building’s external and internal condition, and check in with tenants to resolve any complaints and concerns they have regarding the property.

What to Expect from Our Rental Property Management

When you hire us, you can rely on our team to safeguard your property. We take care of residential rental properties the same way we care for our properties.

Additionally, you’ll be working with a valued member of our team who wants to see your real estate investment prosper. We’ll use our proven systems, technologies and years of property management experience to provide you with a competitive edge on your rental business.

Call (801) 708-3372 or fill out our contact form for more information.

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“In a hard rental market, M&M found qualified renters at the price I requested. She has been available for the renters, should any emergency arise.”

– V. Williams

“Mike and Marie are highly motivated and work well with others. Since I reside out of state, it is very important that I can rely on them to handle my needs.”

– R. Kaler

“After having looked for a property management company, M&M Properties SLC, upon short notice, was able to help me with specific needs for my properties.”

– B. Waldrup

“Mike and Marie are great communicators and knows how to resolve common living issues and problems. They have always gone the extra mile and is very self motivated.”

– W.Gray

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“If you are looking for someone to manage a property you own, you might turn to a company I would trust:  M&M Properties SLC, LLC.

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