One Year Free Management


One Year Free Management

Being the best just wasn’t good enough. We are offering an exclusive ONE YEAR FREE MANAGEMENT with SLC Properties Sales & Investment! If you’re a long term investor this is the deal for you! One year free of the same high level of quality management. No other company comes close to matching this offer without hidden fees. Take advantage of this great offer today! Save hundreds by putting your investment in our hands.

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“I have only heard good things about M&M. There are lots of property management companies to chose from, and I worked with several but don’t take any chances and go with the best. Rest assured, your property will be well taken care of and your investment will be hassle free. I highly recommend M&M!”

– Secure Retirement Planning

“Mike and Marie are highly motivated and work well with others. Since I reside out of state, it is very important that I can rely on them to handle my needs.”

– R. Kaler

“After having looked for a property management company, M&M Properties SLC, upon short notice, was able to help me with specific needs for my properties.”

– B. Waldrup

“Mike and Marie are great communicators and knows how to resolve common living issues and problems. They have always gone the extra mile and is very self motivated.”

– W.Gray

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