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SLC Properties Sales & Investment

A World Class Management Company

Welcome to SLC Properties Sales & Investment where we do property management your way! You want quality tenants in your rental property? You need repairs completed in a timely manner? You want to eliminate hidden fees? You got It!

When you hire SLC Properties Sales & Investment, we will protect your home as part of our pride. We are distinguished, dynamic and respected as a force in our industry. Our promise to you is that we will care for your home like it’s our own.

We are a Utah born and raised company locally owned and operated with over 40 years of combined experience. We have the connections, understanding and passion to make your investment in real estate a success with our property management. Expect better service, with no hidden fees or surprises.

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SLC Properties Sales & Investment

231 East 2100 South, Suite 203

Salt Lake City, UT 84105


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Commitment: Service and Integrity

Homeowners, enjoy the perks of increased income by renting your home without hassle. Renters, find the perfect place to live!


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Perks & Promises

  • Superior service at no additional cost
  • Advanced tools, systems, software, & technologies
  • Yearly property inspection
  • Upgrades and repairs provided as needed
  • Personalized selection of management features
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Renters: Your Next Adventure

Let us find the perfect place for you to call home—even if it is temporary and on a limited budget.